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Besto Inflatable Professional Style Lifejacket

The Besto 300 Newton inflatable professional style lifejacket is an ergonomic offshore working jacket and can be used in the most extreme weather condition. The lifejacket will always rotate the body so the airways are clear of the water.

This model has a good body fit due to the soft outer cover and special neck shape. The collar is strapped onto the back, this gives a comfortable neck fit. Also it gives a good neck/ head support when the jacket is inflated.

The jacket comes standard with a crotch strap to enhance performance and freeboard. The jackets are finished with edge binding all-around and has a floating capacity of 300N. The jackets are available in various colours.

Technical data

Wearing size: 40+ kg
Buoyancy: 300N
CO2 cylinder: 60 g

Benefits & Features

• Also to be used when wearing heavy protective waterproof clothes
• Automatic and manual activation
• Two reflective strips for better visibility

Art. number
Besto 300N Twin chamber lifejacketBlack (wipe clean)560 x 300 x 50 mm1,22 kg
LJI-PR-YE-WCBesto 300N Twin chamber lifejacketYellow (wipe clean)560 x 300 x 50 mm1,22 kg
Besto 300N Twin chamber lifejacketOrange (wipe clean)560 x 300 x 50 mm1,22 kg
Besto 300N Twin chamber lifejacketSilver (fire retardant)560 x 260 x 50 mm1,20 kg
LJI-PR-RSRecharge set240 x 115 x 35 mm0,30 kg