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Fire Plan Container

The T-ISS Fire plan container is a watertight container that stores a copy of a fire plan and / or an escape route plan. As we’ve recognized that fire plan containers are damaged easily, we have developed a stainless steel fire plan container, which resists the harsh maritime environment. Fire and safetyplans must always be exhibited for the guidance of the ship’s crews showing clearly for each deck as required by the SOLAS Chapter II Reg. 15/2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

Technical Data

Art. number: FPC
Packaging: 2 containers / box
Dimensions: 980 x 100 mm
Weight: Approx. 2,2 kg
IMPA: 332613
ISSA: 7585200

Benefits & Features

• Will last your ships lifetime
• Resistant to weather influences unlike PVC/plastic containers
• Suitable for all the standard plan sizes
• Watertight / marine environment resist
• Stainless Steel container
• Comes with photoluminescent “Fire plan” or “Fire and Safety plan” sign and sticker
• Comes with wall mounting brackets


• Complies with IMO / SOLAS II-2 15/2.4.1 and 15/2.4.2.