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Magnet Ladder Locker

The T-ISS Magnet ladder locker is designed to create a safer environment for staff & harbour pilots by providing safely removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side. The magnets are lightweight for easy handling, yet immensely strong, providing more than 500 KG of lift & pull ratings. The Magnet ladder locker is powder coated in bright orange for high visibility and is made to withstand the marine environment. It has no internal moving parts or entry points for sea water.

Technical Data

Lift rate: 500 kg
Pull rate: 520 kg

Benefits & Features

The release handle will enable crew to remove the magnet from the hull easily and without excessive force. All T-ISS Magnet ladder lockers are standard supplied in a sturdy wooden storage box and comes with an IMO-type instruction poster, Storage Location sign and tightening belts.

Set consists of:

• 2 pieces of the Magnet ladder locker
• 2 pieces of the Tightening Belt (IMPA 23.20.94)
• Sturdy wooden storage box
• IMO-type instruction poster / self-adhesive backing
• IMO-type location sign / self-adhesive backing




• Complies with IMO / SOLAS A.1045(27)

Art. number
Magnet ladder locker (2 pcs)260 x 230 x 90 mm4,3 kg
SSHSling with snap hook (2 pcs)360 x 50 x 5 mm127 gr

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