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Pneumatic Line Thrower

The BLT 250 Line thrower is a pneumatic system which throws projectiles by a compressed air system. It has 4 interchangeable launchers and the projectiles are easy to refill. Meets the demands of SOLAS/lMO regulation 74/83. Projectiles reaches approximately 250 meters, are only effected from crosswind and reach the maximum speed at the end of the launcher. All items are reusable and shelf life is unlimited. The only cost for four throws, is refilling the cylinder with your air compressor.

Technical data

Weight throwing unit 8,3 kg
Weight projectile 2,1 kg
Materials Aluminium, Stainless steel, MS58 Brass, PVC and ABS
Shooting chamber pressure 65 bar
Maximum Recoil 5400N
Average Nozzle Velocity 50,6m/s
Number of shots 4
Aluminium air cylinder pressure 200 bar
Aluminium air cylinder volume 2 l

Benefits & Features

• No explosion, useable from and into flammable areas
• Complete set (4 projectiles, throwing unit, user manual, sturdy orange carrying bag)
• Optional wooden storage box available


• Wheelmark


• SOLAS/IMO regulation 74/83

Art. number
BLT 250 Line thrower1000 x 220 x 200 mmApprox. 21 kg331345
BLT250-BOXWooden box for BLT 250 Line thrower1060 x 320 x 320 mmApprox. 10 kg331345