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Rolalux VH01 Rolldown Cassette

SOLAS regulations require a permanent display of the general arrangement plans on a ship’s bridge (GA plan, Fire Safety plan and Escape plan). The Rolalux VH01 Rolldown Cassette gives you the opportunity to store 1 up to 3 different plans in the space. It is required that the general arrangement plans are kept up-to-date. Because of this, the VH01 Rolldown allows for easy replacement of the plans. You can simply remove and replace all three plans in the Rolldown system easily. Safety and evacuation plans should be permanently available to support the captain and officers on ships above the 20 meters. On the drawings a number of things must be clearly highlighted:

  • Where to find the control station on each deck
  • Where parts of the ship are enclosed by fire resistant bulkheads
  • And the general data of the fire alarm systems
Technical data

Material: aluminium anodised
Dimensions: 1000 x 125 x 130 mm
Weight: Approx. 5,0 kg

Benefits & Features

• Store 1-3 plans in the space
• Easy replacement of plans
• Meets SOLAS regulations (Chapter II-2, Regulation 15.2.4)
• Modern design and solid mechanism
• Ensures a clean, well-arranged bridge
• Wall or ceiling mount possible
• Other dimensions available on request

Art. number
Rolalux VH01 alu for safety plans1000 x 125 x 130 mm4,5 kg
RDCA0-TRolalux VH01 alu incl. 1-3 safety plans1000 x 125 x 130 mm5,0 kg