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Safety Marking Tape Reflective

T-ISS Safety Marking Tape Reflective is an engineering grade reflective tape, used to provide safety and protection. Used to highlight hazards, it is over 200 times more reflective than white paint. Suitable for highlighting hazards and danger areas. Gives a 24/7 protection in and on your vessel.

Technical data

Material: PVC
Adhesive side: Single sided
Purpose: Warning and marking

Benefits & Features

• High visibility
• Providing optimal safety to prevent hazardous situations and accidents

Art. number
SMTR050R-RSafety Marking Tape Reflective rightRed/White50 mm x 10 m0,3 kg
SMTR50R-LSafety Marking Tape Reflective leftRed/White50 mm x 10 m0,3 kg
SMTR100R-RSafety Marking Tape Reflective rightRed/White100 mm x 10 m0,6 kg
SMTR100R-LSafety Marking Tape Reflective leftRed/White100 mm x 10 m0,6 kg
SMTR050B-RSafety Marking Tape Reflective rightYellow/Black50 mm x 10 m0,3 kg331191
SMTR050B-LSafety Marking Tape Reflective leftYellow/Black50 mm x 10 m0,3 kg
SMTR100B-RSafety Marking Tape Reflective rightYellow/Black100 mm x 10 m0,6 kg331192
SMTR100B-LSafety Marking Tape Reflective leftYellow/Black100 mm x 10 m0,6 kg

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