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Stairnose Markers

Luminous stair step signs for marking stairs in escape routes mainly include stair step strips, side edge markers and round wall or floordots. Like regular stair step strips, our photoluminescent stair step strips also has an anti-slip coating which will reduce falling or tripping. The strips clearly display the steps at night or during a power failure.

Luminance intensity (mcd / m²)
10 min
60 min
Quality XXL700 mcd/m²100 mcd/m²

Article number:
SNM1-100Stair nose marker1,0 m x 75 mm
SNM1-120Stair nose marker1,2 m x 75 mm
SNM2-100Stair nose marker1,0 m x 75 mm
SNM2-120Stair nose marker1,2 m x 75 mm
SNM3-100Stair nose marker1,0 m x 75 mm
SNM3-120Stair nose marker1,2 m x 75 mm
SEM50AStair edge marker50 x 240 mm

Including a self adhesive backing and 90 degrees angle.