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Marking pipes on ships, offshore or onshore sites is essential to ensure safety at all times. Accidents, injuries and damage to machines and equipment can be caused by the fact your crew, operators or external maintenance engineers and intervention services are unaware of the risks of the substances that flow through pipes. The importance of marking pipes becomes clear when we look at the different standards & regulations.

Standards & regulations

Several regional or maritime organisations require compliance with pipe marking standards. Whether it is ISO 14726, ISO 20560, ANSI, ASME A13.1, BSI 1710, DIN 2403, NORSOK or other company standards, Nordic Sea Safe can supply the correct and compliant pipemarkers in any color with any print that meet these standards. Because of this variety in global or regional standards, the recently published ISO 20560 standard will realize a truly global, harmonized system of hazard recognition for pipemarking systems with uniformity of graphics, color-coding and formatting of safety messages. Nordic Sea Safe can supply you with pipe markers meet the requirements of this new ISO 20560 standard.


The color, the color pattern, the size, the width, the content description, the letter size, the flow direction and the safety symbols differ from one standard to another. Our markers, regardless of the sector in which they are to be used, always comply with the latest applicable standards and requirements regarding legislation and regulations.

Where to apply pipe markings?

• At least one in every room for every pipe and every medium
• At frequent intervals on straight pipe runs, between 3 and 5 meter
• When pipes pass through the floor, ceiling or wall, mark both sides
• When pipes change direction
• In the proximity of each valve and pump

For particular surfaces or if the pipes have a too large diameter, it is also possible to provide individual pipe markers. This marker contains all the necessary information in accordance with legislation and regulations, such as color coding, medium name, safety symbols and possibly the direction of flow. These also differ per standard.

Layout & Design

Within our production process we can make several different layouts of pipe marking. These layouts always include the mandatory (in most national norms & regulations) safety information:
• Flow direction
• GHS/CLP symbols and warning signs
• Pipe contents description

It has recently also become common to include process information, secondary language and more detailed information about the hazard symbols and even QR codes.

Customized Pipe Marking

Our fully customizable pipemarkers can include all the pipe, contents and flow information your location (both maritime, offshore or industry & chemical sectors) needs to optimally increase workplace safety and efficiency. We will produce all pipe markers using the colors according to the latest global or local regulations and your specific demands. We can supply customized pipe markers with an Self-Adhesive layer, or Non-Adhesive.


We supply pipe markers for any location (maritime, offshore or onshore) in the world. Our standard maritime programm has 3 quality levels and can be fully customised to include any pipe, contents and flow information your location or customer needs.

Single Color Pipe Marking

Single color pipe marking tape is a tape which needs to be combined with the correct color coding. Additionally, a flow direction tape can be added to the combination to enhance identification.

Vinyl Unlaminated Pipe Marking (Economy Line)

This pipe marking tape is an economic, unlaminated vinyl. The recommended use of this tape is indoors such as a ships engineroom and can be used outdoors with a short lifespan compared to PolyesPro® and the Basic Line.

Vinyl Laminated Pipe Marking (Basic Line)

This Basis line pipe marking tape is a standard performance vinyl sandwich manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System™) production specifications. This tape comes with a gloss laminated finish and can be used outdoor and indoor in various types of environments.

PolyesPro® Pipe Marking

Offshore platforms and vessels require identification of piping systems according to ISO 14726. We have developed pipe marking identification systems according to this regulation for the specific requirements on-board. PolyesPro® Pipe Marking film is a high performance non-PVC polyester sandwich, manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System™) production specifications, for the marking of pipes and pipeline systems. With a 3M™ base polyester material printed with 3M™ Eco Solvents on a 3M™ Configured Printer and a 3M™ Protective Laminate, this Pipe Marking product can be used in demanding environments, and with a long expected lifetime of up to 20 years. The 130 micron acrylic glue backing ensures an excellent adhesion on different types of smooth and rough surfaces.


Our multi-color pipe marking comes standard with medium text and flow direction and is available in two sizes (100 and 150 mm wide). The pipe marking tape can also be supplied without text and flow direction upon request.



Our complete range of pipe markings can be found on pages 163 to 165 of our new catalog.