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Aluminium Profiles and Inserts

Our LightLine LLL Profile System is a system consisting of an extruded aluminium carrier and rigid photoluminescent strips. We have two different types of profiles at our range; an angled or a flat profile containing a 55,4 mm wide visible backlighting strip. The performance of the rigid panels is certified by DNV.

The flat profile is made of anodized aluminium and contains a central channel in which a strip of photoluminescent material is inserted. End caps are available to protect the ends of the profile. The angled profile is slightly angled away from the vertical to allow the photoluminescent strip to catch more light.


• Wheelmark


• Complies with IMO Resolution A. 752 (18) and ISO standard 15370

Art. number
IPA055CNLightLine Insert PVC for angled profile
1000 x 55,4 mmXXL
PAA60-100Insertprofile ALU angled (insert 55,4 mm)
1000 x 60 mmAlu. anodised
PAA60-300Insertprofile ALU angled (insert 55,4 mm)
3000 x 60 mmAlu. anodised
ENDCAP-ALLLL endcap angled profile left
15 x 60 mmPlastic
ENDCAP-ARLLL endcap angled profile right
15 x 60 mmPlastic
IPF056CNLightLine Insert PVC for flat profile
1000 x 56 mmXXL
PAF60-100Insertprofile ALU flat (insert 56 mm)
1000 x 60 mmAlu. anodised
PAF60-300Insertprofile ALU flat (insert 56 mm)
3000 m x 60 mmAlu. anodised
ENDCAP-FLLL endcap flat profile
4 x 60 mmAlu. anodised