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IMO Posters

Under the brand name SafeSign we offer environmentally friendly, back-printed photoluminescent PETX signage products. In our new catalog you will find an overview with al the different IMO Psoers. Which you can preview online, download or sent us a request if you would like to receive the full catalog in hardcopy.

In this specific category you will find all available IMO Posters with corresponding article numbers. These can be found on pages 149 to 153 of the new IMO Catalog.

How our sign products compare to other suppliers on the market:
– All signs are Halogen and PVC free
– 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable
– Back printed, for durability
– Glossy, quality finish, easy to wipe clean
– Easy to mount, always with self-adhesive backing
– 5-year warranty, even on outdoor use!

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