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Lifebuoy Light

Koyro Lifebuoy light K36 is well known throughout the global market as a reliable and efficient lifebuoy light. Batteries are replaceable and the lifebuoy light comes with brackets. It is designed to withstand the toughest rigours of the maritime environment and is completely watertight, corrosion-resistant and delivers, as a minimum standard, an omnidirectional over 2CD output for a minimum of two hours. The lifebuoy light is marked with SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape for better visibility.

Technical Data

Article number: LBL-K36
Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 171 mm
Weight: 245 g
Connecting line: 1,5 m
Light power source: 1 alkaline battery
Ignition method: Mercury switch

Benefits & Features

• Long lasting
• High visibility
• High safety
• Replaceable batteries
• Includes mounting brackets
• LED light
• Equipped with SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape


• Korean Register
• Wheelmark


• Complies with IMO / SOLAS MSC 81(70)
• Complies with MED Directive 96/98/EC and 2002/75/EC

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