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Rust Stop Petro Tape

Rust Stop Petro Tape is an anti-corrosion tape which can be applied to all types of steel and steel structures, including pipes and pipelines. The tape provides an excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalies and salts. It is an appropriate long-term solution against corrosion. Even under water, under the ground and in harsh weather conditions, the tape retains its excellent properties and won’t peel, harden or crack. The tape is easy to apply and requires a very short processing time. The tape is solvent-free and 1,2 mm thick.

Art. number
RSPT050Rust Stop Petro Tape (36 pcs)50 mm x 10 m0,7 kg812471
RSPT100Rust Stop Petro Tape (18 pcs)100 mm x 10 m1,4 kg812472