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Safety Instruction Signs

SOLAS Part 1, Chapter III-part B. regulation 8.4 and MSC/Circ. 699 requires installation and instructions in appropriate languages pasted in cabins, assembly stations and other passenger spaces showing the ‘you are here’ position and escape routes marked by arrows displayed on the inside of each cabin door and in public spaces. The plan shall show the directions of escape and shall be properly oriented in relation to its position on the ship.

IMO A.752(18) requires a placard explaining the LLL system in all cabins. The basics for engineering a Safety Instruction sign comes from the ship’s embarkation and rescue plan and from the ISO principles of designing an evacuation plan.

Cabin Safety Instructions

The Safety Instruction sign in a cabin displays the primary and alternative route to the designated assembly station, displayed in both plan view and sideview, emergency instructions and donning instructions for the lifejackets.

The displayed primary and alternative escape routes must be in full compliance with the signs at the LLL system and escape signs on eye height and according the ships embarkation plan.

Safety Instructions Public Space

The Safety Instructions for the public areas show where you are in relation to the assembly stations, the instructions in case of emergency and near the lifejacket storage areas, the instructions for putting on the lifejackets. This plan also shows in a plan view the positions of the lifeboats, embarkation stations and life jacket stowage areas on the respective decks.

We can provide the engineering and drawing work for the Safety Instructions fully in line with the complete escape route system, consisting of the LLL with their mini symbols, photoluminescent and electrical escape route symbols and the instructions explaining the symbols used and other relevant information.

The Safety Instructions can be designed in the company’s corporate style with their logos or in a neutral ISO recommended style.